A real-Time Strategy game, also known as RTS game, is one form of computer games that the game is carried out and interacts with the gamer’s command in real time.
RTS games once again swept the world, however major gaming accessory brand has yet established a satisfactory RTS gaming mouse, resulting in professional RTS gamers cannot equip them with highest grade equipment to conquer the battlefield. The Team Scorpion now proudly presents our newly built professional RTS gaming mouse – Zealot, which will greatly improve the performance of professional RTS gamers.
  Team Scorpion Zealot chosen the AVAGO A9500 laser engine    
  Mouse chip directly determines the mouse's refresh rate, resolution and positioning accuracy. These are the most important factors related to the win-or-lose in RTS games. In the past, computers usually come with a small screen. For RTS games purpose, the usability is barely acceptable as long as refresh rate reached 2000 frames (No dropped frames if mouse movement is     
  around 30cm/s), and this is the reason why some classic RTS game mouse not yet being eliminated in the market. But with the gaining of popularity of larger screens, the DPI of the mouse becomes a crucial requirement of gaming mouse, especially for the RTS games in the large screen era? The Team Scorpion Zealot gaming mouse chosen the AVAGO A9500 laser engine. This AVAGO A9500 chip is the most advanced mouse chip on the line, processing up to 5040DPI, is able to meet and exceed today's era of large-screen gaming. Of course, the ultra-high 5040DPI needs to be supported by more powerful parts. Team Scorpion Zealot is equipping with a 16bit laser engine, processing up to 12000FPS refresh rate, maximum speed of 150 inches per second, 30G peak acceleration, Trigger-Distance starting from less than 1mm, 10.8 million pixels per second data processing capacity. Team Scorpion Zealot, the only equipment that can wake up your greatest potential. 。  
Team Scorpion Zealot chosen the Omron White spot D2FC-F-7N (10M) micro-switch
As a professional e-sports player, everyday, most of the time is well spent in training. In such a high-intensity training, of no doubt demands extensively on the mouse’s durability. Team Scorpion Zealot must meet the extensive demand of professional gamers’ ultra-high durability requirement. In order to maintain the uniformity of each key, the Team Scorpion Zealot is equipped with Omron white spot,in which greatly increase the lifetime of the mouse, and also provides great click-reaction feel.
Team Scorpion Zealot is a “feather-light” lightweight mouse  
Unlike FPS games, RTS games require the player to frequently move the mouse in a small area to achieve accurate positioning of a much larger area in screen. A small and lightweight mouse is best used to handle such rapid finger and hand movement.
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