Innovation is more comfortable and
professional personality
    Zealot is a pioneer corps devil Team Scorpionn warriors
, each Zealot experienced guidance of long years of
close combat, endurance training and military discipline
to teach. In order to defend the glory of the soldiers,
they put their lives to the pursuit of perfection during the
course of fighting skills to go with the daunting physical
and high-tech power armor, and holds a blade of pure
spiritual energy. They have the frenzy of battle and destroy
the enemy's persistence in front of all, the war is aggressive
team in the direct expression.
    Symmetrical design   Micro-Switch       1-Click DPI sensitivity adjustment  
    Ergonomic design makes this mouse even more handy to use.   Omron white spots D2FC-F-7N (10M) 10M 10MILLION 1000W sub micro life, let your mouse more endurable. Stability of the laser sensor has a professional-grade stability and unmatched durability.       DPI sensitivity adjustment up to 5000DPI, allows you to pace comfortably in game.  
  Team Scorpion Zealot using
PU coating
  Surface material determines the comfortness of the mouse. During the design stage of Team Scorpion Zealot , a wide range of variety of materials were considered, and we chosen the most recognized material by professional gamers- PU coating. However, on side parts, because of frequent rubbing, PU coating is easy to wear off. To professional players, of no doubt, will greatly reduce the usability. In addition, we employed a new metallic more suitable for prolonged mouse usage and enhance the comfortness of using the mouse.  
  Personalized USB port and
anti-slip case
  Team Scorpion Zealot’s USB connector is a 24k Gold-plated USB port, which gives it a sense of elegancy. The Team Scorpion Zealot is defined as an “feather-light” lightweight professional RTS gaming mouse, the growing trend of interest in this idea of the gaming mouse market respected by many players, the heavier the mouse after prolonged use will increase in the wrist and arm pain. The Team Scorpion Zealot's advanced anti-sweat coating can protect the mouse from sweat. Finally, we add the red and black nylon braided line, so this mouse is more durable.  
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