Doporučeno nejlepšími hráči RTS her z celého světa
Laserový sensor
Rychlost snímání: 12.000/sec
Dosah: cca 3,5m
CPI: 5.000
 Max.zrychlení:: 30 G
Jednoduché nastavení DPI
Stačí jednou kliknout a DPI se nastaví automaticky.
Makro nastavení
Powerful macro settings, can accurately record and playback the effective key sequence. Equipped with four programmable buttons, 5 game profile settings..
Omron Micro-Switch
Omron white spots D2FC-F-7N (10M) 10M 10MILLION 1000W sub micro life, let your mouse more endurable. Stability of the laser sensor has a professional-grade stability and unmatched durability.
Professional Gaming-Grade Chip
Advanced A9500 laser mouse sensors to ensure highest performance.
High Performance Laser
400-5000DPI high-performance laser sensors.
Team Scorpion Zealot design philosophy:
1 For different types of players hand easier to manipulate the mouse to play.
2 World-class lighting concept, allowing the player to change this lighting with a sense of personal character.
3 The perfect mouse in gamers’ heart.
4 Define the feasibility of the product, the concept of breaking the traditional mouse, the use of new thinking and new technologies.
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