Joint research with gamers
We work with many of the world's top gamers in close manner, with
many professional gaming team has been in contact. They helped
a lot in our research and development of our products. We are
constantly improving the Team Scorpion products to achieve the
requirements of future professional players. Team Scorpionn Frost
Wyrm is a sign of our innovative development of the mouse beyond
the classic perfect embodiment.
  Symmetrical design   Laser sensor   Macro Settings   1-Click DPI sensitivity adjustment  
  Ergonomic design makes this mouse even more handy to use.   FPS scan rate: 12.000 per second over the distance: 150 + (inch) high-precision sensor: 108,000 pixels / sec CPI: 5.000 Maximum acceleration: 30 G-sensing   Powerful macro settings,can accurately record and playback the effective key sequence. Equipped with four programmable buttons, 5 game profile settings.
  DPI sensitivity adjustment up to 5000DPI, allows you to pace comfortably in game.  
  Plug and Play   Micro-Switch   High Performance Laser   Professional Gaming Grade Chip  
  Without having to install any software you can directly use this mouse. Just hit the DPI adjustment key and DPI will be changed instantly “On-the-Fly”.   Omron white spots D2FC-F-7N (10M) 10M 10MILLION 1000W sub micro life, let your mouse more endurable. Stability of the laser sensor has a professional-grade stability and unmatched durability.   400-5000DPI High-performance laser sensors.
  Advanced AVAGO A9500 laser mouse sensors to ensure highest performance.  
  Team Scorpion Zealot using large
Teflon mouse feet
  The mouse feet material, layout, shape,
will determine the smoothness of mouse movement. A good mouse feet ensures the mouse can perform exceptionally well on different mouse mat materials.
Lighting Schemes  
Team Scorpion Zealot has three sets of lighting system,
full-color “breathing” light, 6-color “pulse-fluid” light and
red “heart-beating” light.
Attack Mode Lighting System  
The lighting system provides feedback in operation, it also stimulate your mind during exciting games.
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